We offer a set of services that enable complex preparation to meet the legal requirements of sustainability reporting resulting from the Directive 2014/95/EU (NFRD). We prepare reports that are also compliant with two sets of European Commission Guidelines on non-financial reporting (2017) and climate-related information (2019). We also apply GRI, TCFD, IIRF, nFIS and other internationally accepted standards and frameworks as appropriate.

During the organizational meeting, before submitting an offer, we identify the company’s needs in order to choose the most efficient services necessary for reporting on sustainability information, which shall be used in further steps.

The scope of activities varies depending on the company’s business model and its capital group structure, as well as whether we cooperate with a company that is a beginner in sustainability reporting or with a company that already prepares reports and wants to improve them.

We believe that the best results are achieved by the cooperation of a properly organized team in the company with the support of our experts who provide external expertise and, when necessary, provide support and unburden the company of project development.


  • It is the most important preparatory phase of sustainability reporting.
  • The analysis consists in identifying which particular ESG matters (environment, social and employee matters, human rights, anti-corruption) are material for the company and its stakeholders
  • As a result of the assessment we identify what sustainability information and data shall be collected and then reported.
  • We use the MAX® (Materiality Assessment matriX) methodology, which applies the double-materiality perspective, as required by the NFRD.
  • This methodology includes elements of the documentary analysis, dialogue with stakeholders, as well as the statistical analysis of materiality of sustainability topics and impacts.
  • The final report is an outcome of the materiality assessment, which defines material sustainability matters, key sustainability risks associated with them and a map of the company’s stakeholders.


  • In many companies, the accounting and controlling departments collect data for reporting purposes.
  • These departments usually do not gather sustainability data, even though this kind of information is collected in the company.
  • It is necessary to implement an adequate process of monitoring and collecting sustainability data that is needed for sustainability reporting and management.
  • We review the responsibility of various organizational units within the company and in the capital group for collecting sustainability data.
  • We suggest categories and formats of collecting the data, which shall be necessary to develop the sustainability report.
  • We design procedures and requirements in relation to suppliers and subcontractors in the supply chain, from whom the company should collect some of the data.
  • We collect data from organizational units, verify its accuracy, consolidate at the capital group level and interpret the calculated indicators.


  • We conduct a number of actions from planning the structure of the report, through collecting data, describing risk factors, policies and its outcomes, to developing relevant methods for effective communication of the information, ex. using infographics.
  • The result of the work is a complete report on non-financial information in compliance with the NFRD (Directive 2014/95/EU).
  • We put much effort to develop the report which is clear, concise, specific and comprehensive, and its language and form are adapted to the needs of various stakeholder and user groups.
  • Every document is designed in compliance with GRI Standards, Non-Financial Information Standard (nFIS), SASB, IIRF or other required internationally renowned reporting frameworks.


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