The right management of ESG issues requires maintaining open relationships with stakeholders: investors, employees, customers, local communities and decision-makers. We help companies to learn about their needs, opinions and motivations. We also support companies in providing information to stakeholders and engaging them in those areas where cooperation helps to multiply the effect of initiatives undertaken by the organization.


We support listed companies in providing investors with excellent periodical reports, which comply with capital market regulations and stand out in transparent structure, rich, comprehensible content and visual layer which make the reports even more understandable.


Implementing a sustainability strategy, marketing products with a reduced environmental footprint or providing services in a way that supports the creation of social capital can be much more effective if these actions are skilfully communicated. We help companies in all aspects related to communication: from educating clients thanks to proper content of labels and packaging, through communication of financial and non-financial results, to the coordination and implementation of extensive social and environmental responsibility programs.


The company operating in a complex environment interacts with many different groups of stakeholders. We support companies in conducting effective dialogue, building mutual understanding and reducing possible tensions, e.g., with employees or the local community etc. For this purpose, we use appropriate forms of dialogue, based on surveys, individual interviews, social consultations or mediations. As a result of the dialogue with stakeholders, the company may function more efficiently, which translates into such aspects as, for example, lower costs of acquiring qualified employees, reducing concerns about company’s mode of action, more efficient and faster decision-making requiring considering the opinions of external groups or increasing loyalty of individual stakeholders towards the company.


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