Piotr Biernacki appointed as member of EFRAG SR TEG




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Piotr Biernacki, ESG Reporting Partner at MATERIALITY, has been appointed as member of Sustainability Reporting Technical Expert Group (SR TEG). The SR TEG is established at EFRAG, European Financial Reporting Advisory Group.


SR TEG is responsible for preparing draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards. Once the draft standards are approved by the Sustainability Reporting Board, the European Commission will adopt them as delegated acts to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. SR TEG is composed of 22 persons representing various stakeholder groups: companies, financial institutions, social organizations, trade unions and academia. Piotr Biernacki has been involved in drafting EU sustainability reporting standards from the beginning, i.e. as member of PTF-ESRS, project task force that designed the draft architecture of sustainability reporting system in 2020-2021 and prepared draft standards in 2021-2022.

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