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Piotr Biernacki


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On January 20, 2022, draft basic standards for reporting on sustainable development issues were published. The standards will supplement the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), which – at the end of the legislative process in the EU – will require all large public and private enterprises to report a range of ESG information starting from 2023.


The draft standards were developed by the PTF-ESRS, a working group operating at EFRAG for the development of European standards for reporting on sustainable development issues. These are working papers, i.e., they are subject to further changes and agreements. In the following months of 2022, the projects will be subject to public consultations. After their completion, the final version of the standards will be issued by the European Commission in the form of delegated acts.

The PTF-ESRS, which creates draft standards for the European Commission, has published the first set of them.


It includes:

four draft transversal standards

draft standard on climate change

two sets of guidelines (which will not be binding standards)

Further sets of standards are to be published in the coming weeks.

At the current stage of work, the PTF-ESRS plans that the sustainable development reporting system will consist of 21 standards for all companies and a set of industry standards. Additionally, 6 sets of guidelines will be created.

Today’s material is available on EFRAG’s website at: Cover note for Batch 1 WPs

You can also read them below: (we recommend that you read the Cover note first)


Piotr Biernacki, ESG Reporting Partner at MATERIALITY is a member of the PTF-ESRS team and acts as a cluster co-lead of the sub-team that developed draft cross-cutting standards (ESRS 2-5) and both sets of guidelines.

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